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Mountain biking program a life-changer for two Fremont High students

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“I knew the struggles he was having just a few months earlier (and) for him to ride that six miles of that course with all the other riders — I was super, super proud of him.”

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Elevate: The story of Fremont High’s special needs mountain bikers

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In 2015, the Utah High School Cycling League started the Elevate Program. The program allows kids with physical or cognitive disabilities to become fully integrated onto their biking teams. This is the story of Fremont High School Elevate riders Andrew Velhuizen and Caden Halverson.


Why worry about Great Salt Lake drying up? Owens Valley story gives insight

Owens Valley dust

A century ago, all the water from Lake Owens was funneled to Los Angeles. It was a saline lake with a lot in common with the Great Salt Lake and the Wastach Front. 


Salty lakes are disappearing around the world, humans are to blame

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Serious health effects and water shortages are among the worst case scenarios that come with the drying of the West’s saline lakes — including the largest, the Great Salt Lake.

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Health officials say teen vaping in Weber and Morgan counties is declining

Licensing helps track e-cigarette sales, manufacturing

More regulations on the liquid, which contains nicotine, were put in place Monday by the Weber-Morgan Health Board.

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