Bill Nye delivers facts and laughs in Jesse Auditorium

In a dark brown suit and his trademark bowtie, Bill Nye, or Bill Nye the Science Guy as most know him, spoke to a sold out crowd in Jesse Auditorium on Friday night and covered a wide range range of topics, from his father’s fixation with sun dials to his mother’s experience in the Navy. He talked...


AP FACT CHECK: Trump and the attack of the bowling balls

Fact Check Week

WASHINGTON (AP) — The suspense hung over the public square for hours. Were Japanese regulatory authorities really dropping bowling balls on American cars as part of a dark plot to keep the autos out of the Japanese market? No, the White House acknowledged. That story was just President Donald Trump...


Trump's possible China tariffs send opponents scrambling

Trump China Trade

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is considering broad tariffs on imports from China and an announcement could come as soon as next week. Industry groups and some lawmakers are scrambling to prevent a new front in a potential trade war that could reverberate across the U.S. economy. Early...


White House pushes back against reports of tumult, purges


WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is pushing back against talk of a staffing purge, insisting that reports of tumult and imminent departures are overblown. Chief of staff John Kelly, himself the subject of rumors that his job may be in jeopardy, has assured some staffers that they’re safe, at least...


Sessions fires former FBI Deputy Director McCabe

Cllinton Emails Inspector General

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday that he had fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, a regular target of President Donald Trump’s anger and criticism, just two days before his scheduled retirement date. McCabe immediately decried the move and suggested it was...


Andrew McCabe says firing is part of Trump administration's "ongoing war on the FBI" and

WASHINGTON (AP) — Andrew McCabe says firing is part of Trump administration’s “ongoing war on the FBI” and Mueller investigation.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he's fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe,

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he’s fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, effective immediately.

Health Care

Legislature OKs partial Medicaid expansion — pending approval of federal waivers

Thousands of Utahns lack health care access

The Legislature approved House Bill 472, which requires the state to seek federal waivers for partial Medicaid expansion that could extend health care access to about 72,000 of Utah’s 150,000 uninsured individuals. 


Ogden, South Ogden hopefuls seek post to be vacated by Utah Rep. Pitcher

Schow Shurtliff

Democrat LaWanna Shurtliff and GOPer Terry Schow become the second and third candidates to file paperwork to run for the District 10 House post.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The tax bill is uplifting American spirits already

In part because of federal tax cuts, Missouri’s Wal-Mart associates received nearly $15 million in combined bonuses this month. They’re not alone. More than 435 U.S. employers have used their tax savings to reward employees, benefiting over four million working Americans. According to the Treasury...

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