Ogden economic development head to run for Davis County Commission seat

Ogden residents sought answers Thursday

Tom Christopulos has worked for Ogden for 10 years and is a longtime resident of Layton in Davis...


Find out where your neighborhood caucus meeting will be held Tuesday

SW 032216 Utah Caucus 07

Find out where your neighborhood caucus meeting will be held Tuesday, March 20. 


Trump calls for death penalty to 'get tough' on drug pushers


MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Embracing the tough penalties favored by global strongmen, President Donald Trump on Monday brandished the death penalty as a fitting punishment for drug traffickers fueling the opioid epidemic. The scourge has torn through the rural and working-class communities that in...


Republicans tell Trump: Lay off Mueller _ but take no action

Trump Russia Probe-1

WASHINGTON (AP) — More Republicans are telling President Donald Trump in ever blunter terms to lay off his escalating criticism of special counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia probe. But party leaders are taking no action to protect Mueller, embracing a familiar strategy with the president —...


Weber County Republicans to pick delegates, key in selecting GOP candidates

SW 032216 Utah Caucus 02

Some candidates get signatures on petitions to secure a place on the ballot, another route for GOPers seeking office.

Police & Fire

Davis County Sheriff Terry Richardson won't run for re-election

BZ 111417 Sheriff Todd Richardson 03-2

Todd Richardson, Davis County sheriff since 2011, has decided not to run for re-election. For the past two years, his office has been the subject of controversies over at least seven jail deaths and his battles with county officials over alleged spending improprieties.


Congress Tackles The Opioid Epidemic. But How Much Will It Help?

The nation’s opioid epidemic has been called today’s version of the 1980s AIDS crisis. In a speech Monday, President Donald Trump pushed for a tougher federal response, emphasizing a tough-on-crime approach for drug dealers and more funding for treatment. And Congress is upping the ante, via a...


KEN MIDKIFF: When was it that we gave all authority over gun measures to the NRA?

I must have missed something, but I have voted in every local, state and federal election for many years. In spite of that, I don’t remember any election where we gave the National Rifle Association complete authority over local, state and federal laws or regulations pertaining to firearms. But,...


GUEST COMMENTARY: Teachers deserve a raise. Here’s how to fund it

Teachers are ready to revolt. That’s the message we should take away from West Virginia, where educators in every county went on strike recently. The teachers secured a major victory, including a 5 percent raise for state employees. The win couldn’t be more well-deserved. Teachers across the...


AP FACT CHECK: Trump tests reality in blasting Russia probe

Trump Fact Check

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s latest barrage of tweets attacking investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election stretched the bounds of credulity, from false claims that “no crime” had been uncovered to assertions that his campaign had been cleared of collusion with Russia....


Fed set to raise rates as Powell gives 1st news conference

Federal Reserve Look Ahead

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve’s first meeting under Jerome Powell’s leadership will likely end Wednesday with an announcement that the Fed will resume its modest interest rate hikes. But investors will be most attuned to what Powell signals at his first news conference about whether and how...

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